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Distribution Centre Expansion Northampton UK

Project Details

Contract: Distribution Centre Expansion Northampton UK
Client: Freefoam Plastics Ltd.
Year: 2010 – 2011
Contract Details:

This project consisted of the design & build of a 6500m2 extension to an existing distribution centre serving all UK operations. The contract involved the provision of plant, labour & materials, site set-up and setting out, site clearance, construction of retaining structures, fill import and compaction, surfacing works and also the placing and finishing of 6500m2 of reinforced concrete. Works were carried out without impacting the plants delivery and distribution traffic by developing a permit to work system, a suitable traffic management plan and implementing these required controls on site. Particular care was taken during excavation works at this project due to the proximity of the works to the live plant and the presence of overhead and underground services serving the plant. Roadform Ltd acted as PC (PSCS) for the project.