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Jacobs Island

Project Details

Contract: Underground Car Park, Jacob’s Island Development, Mahon, Cork
Client: Ridge Developments Ltd.
Year: 2004 - 2005
Contract Details:

Roadform Ltd were contracted to construct an underground car park  capable of accommodating 70 parking spaces along with bin-stores/bike shed/service areas and two lifts. The basement covers the whole footprint of the first 2 blocks. Excavation of 9000 m3 of materials took place before the commencing of piling of up to 17m deep took place to the foundations. An intricate system of ground beams/pile-caps and in-situ reinforced frame was constructed by Roadform Ltd below the high water level present at the works location. We were responsible for operating a sophisticated dewatering system to allow construction to continue during heavy rains and high tides experienced throughout the winter.