Cork Mid West Bundle Sewerage Scheme- Live Project

Roadform Ltd are completing the civil and pipeline contracts on this project at locations around County Cork including Ballymakeera, Coachford, Dripsey and Innishannon. The upgrade works are required to increase the capacity of the existing plants to cater for present and future populations.

The project includes construction of reinforced concrete structures, pipeline installation, building construction and all associated services within each of the four site locations. The works incorporate upgrading of existing plants and pipelines at Coachford and Dripsey and construction of new plants and collection and outfall pipelines at Ballymakeera and Innishannon.

Pipeline construction includes installation of new sewer networks at all locations utilising various pipe sizes and types. Roadform Ltd are responsible for managing live traffic along the pipeline routes and ensuring all road user are accommodated safely during the works.

This project is due for completion Q4 2021.

Project Details