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Public Road Works (Various Locations)

Project Details

Contract:Public Road Works (Various Locations)
Client:Cork County Council/ Irish Water
Year:2018- Present
Contract Details:

Our civil contracts at the Mid Cork, Bandon and Millstreet WWTP projects required extensive works to be carried out on the public roads within the environs of each project site including deep drainage works, pipeline & culvert installation, and all associated temporary and permanent reinstatement of public road surfaces. The works typically involved diversion of existing utility services and the incorporation of new utility provisions into the permanent works. Significant roadwork construction methodologies were undertaken at the following locations within Co. Cork:

Coachford – R618 & R619

Dripsey (Model Village) – L6809 O’Callaghan Place & R618

Ballymakeera – L3405

Innishannon – N71 Cork Road & The Lawn development

Bandon – N71 Cork Road

Millstreet – L1115 Station Road

Roadform Ltd were responsible for the managing live vehicular and pedestrian traffic within phased working corridors where pipeline routes were required to be installed on national, regional and local public roads.

All such works were carried out under site-specific Traffic Management Plans, providing for the safe and efficient movement and flow of construction plant & traffic, and private vehicles, at all times. Works were typically programmed to mitigate the impact of the works on peak public vehicular traffic flows. Roadform Ltd was responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of project specific TMP’s including diversion route development, stakeholder liaison, and physical installation of all traffic management controls.

Permanent reinstatement included trench width, partial & full depth road reconstruction, half or full width carriageway resurfacing, together with associated road markings, signage, and lighting.

All works were completed in compliance with the requirements of TII Technical Specifications and the Guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads (Purple Book).